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Important Notice – Support information for Windows 11

Graphtec will inform you of the upgrade schedule of our products for “Windows 11” announced by Microsoft.
Please kindly note that the schedule and versions may change. We will inform as things progress.

* We will not be supporting models / software / applications / drivers not listed below.
* We will inform the updates as soon as we can confirm the operation of each products.
When using products before our announcement, please do so at your own risk and note that they will not be covered by the warranty.

Cutting Plotters

ProductVersion to correspondModelUpgrade schedule
Cutting Plotter DriverVer.4.00FC9000 / CE7000 / FCX2000 / FCX4000 / FC8600 / CE6000Plus / CE6000 / FC2250 / FC4500 / CE LITE-50Processed
Plotter Controller
Ver.1.51ACE6000Plus / CE6000Processed
Plotter Controller
(FC8600 / FC8000)
Plotter Driver
(CE7000-130AP / CE6000-120AP)
Ver.10.30CE7000-130AP / CE6000-120APProcessed
Cutting Master 4Ver.4.00FC9000 / CE7000 / FCX2000 / FCX4000 / FC8600 / CE6000Plus / CE6000 / FC2250 / FC4500 / CE LITE-50Processed
Graphtec Pro Studio / Plus / Rhinestone / Auto NestingVer.3.40FC9000 / CE7000 / FCX2000 / FCX4000 / FC8600 / CE6000Plus / CE6000 / FC2250 / FC4500 / CE LITE-50Processed
iMark PlusVer.9.4.5HF-MARK2Processed
Silhouette Studio (64bit)
(Standard / Designer / Designer Plus / Business)
Ver.4.3.284CE LITE-50Processed
Firmware Update ToolVer.3.00FC9000 / CE7000 / CE7000-130AP/ FCX2000 / FCX4000 / FC8600 / CE6000Plus / CE6000 / CE6000-120AP / FC2250 / FC4500 / CE LITE-50Processed

Label products

ProductVersion to correspondModelUpgrade schedule
LCX603 DriverVer.2.20LCX603Processed
DLC1000 DriverVer.2.30aDLC1000Processed
Cutting Master for DLCVer.1.0.304DLC1000Processed


*We have confirmed that there is a problem with Windows 11 that prevents connection to the scanner when connected over a LAN.
Please refer to the problem description and workaround.

ProductVersion to correspondModelUpgrade schedule
Scanning Master Pro ColorVer.8.70CSX550 / CSX530Processed
TWAIN DriverVer.8.70CSX550 / CSX530Processed
Network Utility
Scanning ARTS 2 for WINVer.3.50CSX550 / CSX530Processed

Data Loggers

ProductVersion to correspondModelUpgrade schedule
Standard Mode
Ver.1.31GL100 / GL240 / GL840 / GL220 / GL820Processed
Easy Mode
GL-ConnectionVer.2.53GL7000 / GL220 / GL820 / GL900 / GL240 / GL840Processed
GL980_2000-APSVer.1.04GL980 / GL2000Processed
USB DriverVer.2.03AllProcessed