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Software Development Kit

We provide free SDK (Software Development Kit) to build your PC software.

[Supported products] Cutting Plotters, Scanners, Data loggers

  • Control equipment with existing system
  • Acquire data instantly and operate your own calculations
  • Create customized report using measurement data
  • Customized graph display
  • Concatenate data from various devices
  • Automatic measurement with switching device settings based on the work
  • Manage alarm history
  • Measure at customized recording timing
  • Monitor the status of multiple devices on one screen
  • Monitor signs constantly — etc.

Contents of the Software Development Kit (SDK)

Supported productsContents
Cutting PlottersDocuments
– Standard command set in GP-GL/HP-GL
– Special Commands
– XPF file format
(Only Available for models with Barcode Data Management:FCX2000/FCX4000/FC9000/CE7000/CE LITE-50)
Library for USB driver
ScannersDocuments (Controlcommands)
Data LoggersUSB driver
Manual (for main unit control, communication, data file, ModBus TCP specification (GLT400 only))
Sample programs etc. (including LabView VI)
Data Logger: Software development kit (SDK)   Supported Models / languages
ModelLabVIEW.Net C#VisualBasicVisualC++PythonExcelVBAUSB
(For temp. conversion)
system for
WEB/FTP server
GL7000 Plus     

In providing the Software development kit (SDK)

It is required to review the following agreement before the application form is submitted to us. The SDK will be provided to you after confirming the contents on submitted application.

For inquiries or questions

Please send an email to the following address.
(Email: sdk@graphtec.co.jp)

For Korean Customers

When you are in Korea, please contact to the Kostech Inc. who is a representative of Graphtec in Korea.
(Email: kostech@kostech.net)


  1. Please read “Covenant on SDK (Software Development Kit)” below. If you agree to all of the terms and conditions, please click “Accept” to display the application form.
  2. Please fill out the form and click “SUBMIT”.
  3. The message of confirmation will be mailed to the registered e-mail address after the application is submitted.
  4. The SDK will be provided to you in a few days via email.