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Release of plug-in software for DLC1000 “Cutting Master for DLC”

Graphtec Corporation would like to announce the release of new plug-in software “Cutting Master for DLC” (OPS684) as standard accessory for DLC1000. The “DLC1000” is a digital label finisher with the functions of laminating, free size and shape cutting, removal wastepaper, cross cutting, slitting, and rewinding. Our new plug-in software “Cutting Master for DLC” makes you possible to create a label by intuitive and easy operation with DLC1000 and other printers consists of two products.

Main Features

DLC1000 (Product Info)

Post-processing of “lamination + free-form cutting + scrap raising + cross-cut or slit” is completed with one unit.
Enable to select “use / do not use” for laminating / screwing / crosscut / slit functions.

Cutting Master for DLC

  • Easy to create the registration mark for DLC1000.
  • Cutting Master for DLC1000 enable to send the cutting setting
  • Supported languages:Japanese and English
  • Supported OS:Windows 8.1, 10
  • Supported Software:Illustrator (after CC) / CorelDRAW (after X7)