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Privacy statement

Privacy Policy

Graphtec Corporation (“Graphtec”, “we”, “us”, “our”), will strive for the appropriate handling of personal information of customers and the protection of personal information.This Privacy Policy shall be interpreted under the laws of Japan. Graphtec will strive for the protection of personal information pursuant to the following.

Customers using Graphtec’s website can freely browse the website without disclosing their own personal information, but some of pages and services requires your personal information.

This privacy statement applies to your use of the Graphtec Corporation Website at “www.graphteccorp.com” and the protection of your personal information on other websites linked to the Graphtec Corporation Website is not applied.

Personal Information

“Personal Information” as used on this website means information about a living individual customer which can be used to identify that specific individual due to its inclusion of a name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or other such information which we may ask a customer if necessary.

Collection of Personal Information

Graphtec will lawfully collect customer personal information in accordance with laws and regulations, and will not collect personal information of customers by deceitful or other dishonest means. Graphtec will use personal information of customers within the scope of the following purposes of use as well as the scope of the purpose of use described in the other pages of the Graphtec website, or in the Graphtec’s individual notices or publications:

  • To manage customer information such as the placement and receipt of orders, and the shipping and purchase history in relation to the selling of products and goods.
  • To provide maintenance services concerning products or software.
  • To deliver information and catalogue requested by customers.
  • To recommend to customers products and goods, suggested utilization methods of products or goods, campaigns, events and workshops, etc.
  • To reflect the opinions of customers in product development or the improvement or development of services.
  • To respond to opinions and requests from customers; and/or subsidiaries and distributors dealing in the products and goods of Graphtec may also use personal information of customers on behalf of Graphtec to the extent necessary to achieve the above mentioned purposes. In the event Graphtec’s use of a customer’s personal information falls beyond the scope of the above mentioned purposes, Graphtec will inform the customer of such use in advance, and obtain the customer’s consent for such use.

Disclosure to Third Parties

Personal information of customers may be provided in electronic, digital of paper document etc.

With regard to the provision of personal information of customers to third parties other than that described above, the Company will not disclose to any third party personal information of customers, except in the event of the following:

  • Consent is given by the customer;
  • Such information is used as statistical data and modified into a form that cannot be used to identify individual customers;
  • It is deemed necessary to protect a material interest of the customer or the public; or
  • It is considered to be necessary under the relevant laws or regulations.

Please note that upon the request by the customer, Graphtec will discontinue the provision of personal information to such third party. If you wish us to stop provision of personal information, kindly contact the office in accordance with the “Contact Information” section below.

If a customer requests the disclosure or correction of his/her personal data, Graphtec, upon confirmation that the person making such request is the customer in question, Graphtec will disclose or correct such information; provided, however, there is no particular reason not to make such disclosure or correction.

Graphtec may provide links to websites of third parties on Graphtec’s website; however, Graphtec does not administer such third party websites. We recommend that customers examine and confirm for themselves the privacy policies of such linked websites.

Graphtec may change this Privacy Policy in accordance with changes in the laws and regulations and/or changes to any policy of the Company.
If any revision is made to this Privacy Policy, such revision will be posted on this website page.


When you use services such as requesting for documents or downloading software on this website, the web server saves simple data for your PC. When you revisit this website, the web server can automatically reads cookie and records the page where you visited, or change page displays for each customer according to cookies. Please note that it is for your easy use of this website, and not for collecting personal information nor violating privacy.