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OPS662 for Windows (64-bit Edition) download

Software License Agreement

It is required to review the following license agreement before the software is downloaded. We will be deemed that the customer has to agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement when the software had been downloaded by the customer. Please note that it is not possible to download or use the software if the customer does not agree to it.

Downloading Files

Ver.4.00 (Latest version)

Date of updated20 Jan, 2021
Supported ProductsCE7000 series / FC9000 series / CE LITE-50 / CE6000 Plus series / FC8600 series / CE6000 series /
FCX4000 series / FCX2000 series / FC4500 series / FC2250 series
Supported OSWindows 11Home / Pro / Enterprise / Education
Windows 10 x64 EditionHome / Pro / Enterprise / Education
Downloading filesDriverOPS662(Wx64)v400.zip (620KB)

Revision History


  1. Fixed the maximum limit of the speed from 99 to 105.
    (Enabled to set the max speed of FC9000.)


  1. Fixed the problem that the tool condition cannot be sorted after setting [Data sort] > [Tool] to ON and activating [AP MODE] in FC9000.


  1. Enabled to use [Plotter Font] with FC9000.


  1. Supported FC9000 and CE7000.
  2. Fixed the problem that the print spooler stops and the data remains in the driver when cutting specific data.
  3. Fixed the problem that the maximum limit of the user defined media width and height were replaced when setting the printing direction to portrait orientation.


  1. Supported CE LITE-50.


  1. Supported CE6000 PLUS.


  1. Supported FCX2000.


  1. Changed the maximum width of the media size to the maximum of FC8600 (64inch).
  2. Changed the name of FC4500 series from [Graphtec FC4500/4510] to [Graphtec FC4500 SERIES].
    If Ver. 3.00 is newly installed, the cutting plotter will be displayed on [Devices and Printers] menu as [Graphtec FC4500 SERIES]. However, if upgrading from Ver. 2.90 or older, the name of the device will not be updated. Please delete the FC4500 series printer from your PC and re-connect to the cutting plotter if you need to update the name.


  1. Supported Windows 8.1.
  2. Fixed the problem that the sort does not work properly.


  1. Supported Windows 8.
  2. Supported CE6000.


  1. Supported 64bit OS.
  2. Fixed the problem that the icon of the printing direction was not displayed in 64bit OS.
  3. Unified the unit of the pen speed to cm/s.


  1. Updated the Windows XP user interface to XP style.
  2. Changed the object in the output preview to the letter F.
  3. Changed the object in the print direction preview to the letter F.
  4. Changed the version information to display OPS number.
  5. Changed the unit of the user defined size DLG to mm/inch.
  6. Changed the offset value to remain the same when canceling the same user defined size in the media size menu.
  7. Changed the offset value to be displayed “0.00” when its 0.
  8. Added a space between the step size value and the unit when the unit is mm.
  9. Changed the phrases: Pen Settings > Tool Settings, Pen No. > Condition No.
  10. Changed the condition No. range to 1-8.


  1. Improved the installer (DSETUP.EXE) so that when the driver not compatible with Vista is installed on Windows Vista, there is no need to remove the existing driver.


  1. Supported Windows Vista.


  1. Supported FC2240-120MG / ES / VC, FC2240-180ES / VC, FC7000-75 / 100 /130 / 160, CE5000-60 /120.
  2. Added two choices to the margin; Normal and None.
  3. Deleted CLIPPING settings.
  4. Deleted the fill space settings.
  5. Fixed the problem in scaling objects. (Windows98SE / WindowsME)
  6. Fixed the problem that the system draws unrequired lines. (Windows2000 / WindowsXP)


  1. Supported WindowsNT4.0.