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GL900-APS download

Software License Agreement

It is required to review the following license agreement before the software is downloaded. We will be deemed that the customer has to agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement when the software had been downloaded by the customer. Please note that it is not possible to download or use the software if the customer does not agree to it.

Downloading Files

Ver.2.06 (Latest version)

Date of updated12 Dec, 2012
Supported ProductsGL900-8 / GL900-4
Supported OSWindows 10
Downloading filesSoftwareChineseGL900APS(C)v201.zip (62,518KB)
EnglishGL900APS(E)v206.zip (68,134KB)
FrenchGL900APS(F)v202.zip (63,582KB)
GermanGL900APS(G)v205.zip (63,445KB)
KoreaGL900APS(K)v201.zip (62,526KB)

Revision History


  1. Supported Windows 8.
  2. When the X-Y clear button is pressed, the GL900 main unit display is also cleared.
    * The X-Y clear function is only available in the Japanese version.
    * GL900 firmware V3.00 or later is required to use the X-Y clear function.


  1. When recording and converting in CSV format, the fraction of calculation error in the US (microseconds) column is rounded down.


  1. Fixed a bug that time display deviations occurred when playing back data saved by thinning out between cursors.


  1. Fixed the problem that the data transferred to the PC is zero in rare cases when recording to the internal RAM of the main unit.
  2. Fixed the problem that comments are not clear because of the white background when the waveform with comments is printed.


  1. Compatible with 4-channel models.
  2. Changed the background to white when printing.
  3. Changed the background to white when copying screens.
  4. Waveform move buttons on the left and right of the waveform scroll bar.
  5. Addition of external sampling function. (*1)
  6. Added time to start trigger. (*1)
  7. Added overlapping/concatenating function.
  8. Changed X-Y function pen up/down to synchronize with recording (pen up/down button was deleted).
  9. Changed the minimum number of recording points to 10 when recording in internal RAM. (*1)
  10. Changed the maximum number of annotation characters to 31. (*1)
  1. Firmware V2.00 or later is required.


  1. Fixed the problem that excel did not start up when closing excel and starting recording again after recording data in direct excel.


  1. Fixed the problem that not to select direct excel templates.
  2. Fixed the problem that saved in the “auto” setting when recording destination set to “optional” with the main unit.
  3. Fixed the problem that RMS calculation results was not crrect during operation in payback.
  4. Fixed the problem that trigger information was different when scaling of channels set to ON.
  5. Fixed the problem that Hi and Lo pulse levels were displayed as 0 in Trigger and Alarm Information.


  1. Fixed the problem that time was not saved correctly when data recorded with pre-trigger enabled was saved between cursors.
  2. Fixed the problem that files and folders on the main unit cannot be deleted when connected to the main unit.
  3. Fixed the problem that the remaining time was not correctly displayed depending on the sampling interval when recording with pre-trigger enabled.


  1. First edition