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Firmware for GL2000 / GL980 download

Software License Agreement

It is required to review the following license agreement before the software is downloaded. We will be deemed that the customer has to agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement when the software had been downloaded by the customer. Please note that it is not possible to download or use the software if the customer does not agree to it.

Downloading Files

Ver.1.40 (Latest version)

Date of updated13 Dec, 2023
Supported ProductsGL980 / GL2000
Downloading filesSoftwareGL980_2000_FU(v140).zip (10,192KB)

Revision History


  1. Fixed the problem that noise data appears when displaying waveform.
    *Noise does not affect the recoding data.
    The conditions under which the noise is displayed are as follows.
    1. Data logger: Sampling interval is faster than 1ms and Time/DIV is compressed.
    2. PC software GL980_2000-APS: The recording destination is set to internal RAM.
    3. PC software GL-Connection: Sampling interval is faster than 1ms.


  1. Fixed the problem that some data were not saved correctly when saving recorded data from the internal RAM to the internal memory, SD card, or USB flash drive.
  2. Fixed the problem that the data values in CSV file format may become abnormal when saving the data in GBD file format with the save data between cursors function, and then save the data in CSV file format when playing back recorded data in GBD file format.


  1. Fixed the problem that the time of the main unit is set to an incorrect time in rare cases when using the network time setting function.
  2. Fixed the problem that waveforms are displayed with undefined values when playing back CSV files that were finished with the conversion rate increased in the scaling settings.


  1. Fixed the problem that recording stops and a disc error is displayed in rare cases if recording with relay capture function enabled.
  2. Communication enhancement in the event of DoS attacks or other unauthorized access to the web server function when this instrument is connected to an externally accessible Internet line.
  3. Fixed the problem that the subsequent connection becomes unstable when a large number of connections overlap on a line with slow network speed.
  4. Fixed the problem that mail could not be sent correctly when using the send mail function via a slow communication line in a LAN connection.


  1. Fixed the problem that the instrument may cause a system shutdown if there is an input overflow in temperature measurement when the sampling interval is faster than 1 ms.
  2. Fixed the problem that the backup process will not be completed successfully if data logger is in remote state by I/F communication when recording is stopped, while the backup function is enabled.
  3. Fixed not to send continuous mail notifications if there is no change in the alarm status  when an alarm occurs in the mail sending function.
  4. Added analog CH annotations to the email text in the email notification when an alarm occurs in the email sending function.
  5. Improved communication on a LAN connection with a slow connection speed.
  6. Fixed to display a message on the screen when the input range is switched by overvoltage if overvoltage detection function is enabled.


  1. Added description of C-type thermocouple to thermocouple TC-W.
  2. Fixed the problem that logic triggers were not set correctly when saving and loading settings.


  1. Fixed the problem that the auto-save would not end if the recording destination was set to internal RAM and the auto-save function was enabled, and if the auto-save cancellation dialog was closed first during auto-save after recording.
  2. In the periodic email sending notification function, the English notation for the time setting for sending emails at the specified time has been corrected from “Interval” to “Time”.


  1. Fixed the problem that waveforms and digital values are displayed incorrectly when playing back data recorded in CSV format with a large expansion rate set in the scaling function.


  1. Fixed the problem that the system may go down when the playback data is printed out with the list printing function enabled if the DP-581H thermal printer is connected.


  1. Fixed the problem that unable to log in some client software when accessing the FTP server of the main unit.
  2. Fixed the problem that the data transfer function may not work after repeated communication disconnections during data transfer from the control software.


  1. Supports wired LAN connection to the thermal printer.
    * Firmware version of the thermal printer must be V1.01 or later for wired LAN connection.
    * A commercially available wireless LAN parent device equipped with a wired LAN port is required for wired LAN connection.
  2. Fixed the problem that data download and some web server functions would not work properly when repeat data download failures and the main unit is connected to a network with poor communication environment.


  1. Compatible with thermal printers (DP-581H).


  1. Fixed the problem that a disk error (12) occurs at the start of recording or free space becomes an incorrect value at certain USB flash drive (depends on the formatting method).


  1. Added FTP server as a destination for the recording backup function.


  1. Fixed the problem that the extension of the recorded data becomes CND if the following three conditions are met.
    1) This covers CSV saving of data during data playback and the results of statistical calculation between cursors.
    2) The recorded file name is blank.
    3) The naming method is sequential.
  2. Some USB flash drives that could not be recognized can now be used.


  1. Fixed the problem that communication stops when there is a large amount of communication access from outside when connected to a wired LAN.
  2. Fixed the problem that the trigger output does not work when the main unit is turned on again after setting the alarm 1 output to [ trigger output ].


  1. Fixed the problem that the OS goes down when starting recording with the pre-trigger priority setting when the language os French.
  2. Changed some French, German, Chinese displays.
  3. Fixed the problem that the query of the STAT:ERR? command results in an error after issuing the [ TRIG:PRET ] command in the I/F command.


  1. Initial version