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Firmware for GL100 (main unit) download

Software License Agreement

It is required to review the following license agreement before the software is downloaded. We will be deemed that the customer has to agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement when the software had been downloaded by the customer. Please note that it is not possible to download or use the software if the customer does not agree to it.

Downloading Files

Ver.1.45 (Latest version)

Date of updated8 Dec, 2021
Supported ProductsGL100
Downloading filesSoftwareGL100_FU(Main)v145.zip (2,034KB)
  • GL100-Network_Config is required for installation. Please install GL100-Network_Config in advance.

Revision History


  1. Fixed the problem that multiple irregular e-mails were sent at a specified time in E-mail sending function when the sending time setting of the periodically sending E-mail function is set to “24 hours”.  


  1. Fixed the problem that some SD cards were not recognized correctly.


  1. Fixed the problem that wireless LAN communication became impossible in rare cases when the wireless LAN setting of GL100-WL is in Station mode and the connection to the base unit (access point) to which the WLAN connection is made is not established for a long period of time.


  1. Improved that clock display accuracy.
  2. Fixed the problem that sometimes e-mail sending did not work correctly.
  3. Fixed the problem that the remaining capacity of the capturing destination was not displayed correctly when connecting GL-Connect of mobile app.


  1. Added setting of within the range(W_IN) and out of the range(W_OUT) in alarm function.


  1. Supported connection to the GRM-ONE Series of remote monitoring system.


  1. Fixed the problem that GL100 was not recognized correctly in rare case when connecting the GL100 and the GL840 wirelessly and improved the ability to restore a stable connection.
  2. Fixed the problem that the power status of the wireless LAN module became unstable by switching the wireless LAN mode setting.


  1. Supported the body of the test mail in English.
  2. Fixed the problem that is the English spell error of test e-mail reception screen.


  1. Changed the voltage setting range from 90-240V to 90-600V when connecting AC sensor (GS-DPA-AC). 
  2. Corrected the alarm of the GL240/GL840 to be linked with the alarm displayed on the LCD screen of the GL100 when using GL240/GL840 with wireless connection.


  1. Improved communication speed stabilization in wireless LAN Station mode when powered by USB.  
  2. Fix the problem that communication settings were indeterminate when wireless LAN was changed from station mode to access point mode.
  3. Fixed the problem that the transfer amount did not meet the specified number of points when sending data from the interface.
  4. Fixed the problem that the setting of the receive mail password was overwritten by the send password.
  5. Fixed the problem that a part of the mail sending security could not be set correctly from the interface.


  1. Enhanced connection recovery process for GL100-WL when wireless LAN was disconnected.
  2. Fixed the problem that data captured by the main unit and data acquired from the interface were disordered in rare case at 500 ms sampling interval when wireless settings of GL100 was not set correctly (the [LAN] symbol is not displayed on the screen).


  1. Fixed the problem that SD card error may cause depending on the SD card.
  2. Fixed the problem that SD card remaining capacity indication was displayed low in rare cases.


  1. Changed the recovery operation to run and switch new file to continue if SD card error occurs for some reason while capturing data to the SD card.
    * Data in recovery cannot be captured.
    * If recovery fails, capturing stops.


  1. Fixed the problem that some SD cards were not recognized correctly.


  1. Fixed the problem that illuminance measurement value caused an error depending on the light source environment when using illuminance UV intensity (GS-LXUV) and added a light source selection function to reduce the measurement error.
    * The illumination UV sensor (GS-LXUV) that can use this function must be reconditioned. The reconditioned illuminance UV sensor (GS-LXUV) has a blue ● sticker next to the serial number.


  1. Fixed the problem that humidity captured data was different from the actual value when using temperature and humidity sensor (GS-TH) and the measured temperature exceeds 80°C.


  1. Supported wireless LAN connection with GL240/ GL840.
    * Please reconnect the power to GL100 if using it by GL100 is used by itself after using GL100 as a wireless LAN child unit of GL240 or GL840.
  2. Changed the retry count for wireless LAN connection to the maximum value. (only when powered by USB)
  3. Change the initial value of WLAN Keep Alive function from OFF to 10s.
    If you are using GL100 as a wireless LAN child unit (station mode) and communication with the wireless LAN base unit is interrupted, please enable keep alive (WLAN Keep Alive function).
    * There are two ways to set up.
    1. After the version update, when “Factory INT” is executed from “OTHER-1” in the GL100 menu, it is displayed as 10 seconds. Please note that the setting conditions inside GL100 will be initialized by this method.
    2. How to set from GL100-Network_Config. For details, please check “7. WLAN Keep Alive Settings”


  1. Supported Power Mode in GL100-APS.


  1. Supported Standard Mode, Easy Mode, Agriculture Mode, Logistics Mode of PC software GL100-APS(Ver.1.10).
  2. Fixed the problem that power (USB or battery) did not start in rare case when power is not supplied to GL100 and the clock backup power is low and further key presses.


  1. Supported GL-Connect (Application software for smart devices) V1.10(Agriculture Mode function)
    *Be sure to update the firmware of GL100 to this version (V1.10) or higher when using GL-Connect V1.10.
  2. Fixed the problem that the measurement accuracy may be slightly less accurate depending on voltage range being set when CH4 is turned Off at the 4VT sensor.  
  3. Fixed the problem that sometimes LAN connection was difficult to connect in GL100-APS when the GL100 left without LAN connection after the GL100 power on.


  1. Fixed the problem that a large error had occurred in accumulated value when accumulated illuminance/accumulated power date was played back by GL100 by GL100-APS or GL-Connect.
  2. Fixed the problem that accumulated value (accumulated temperature, accumulated ultraviolet, accumulated illuminance, accumulated power) was over-accumulation when capturing with connecting GL100-APS.


  1. Fixed the problem that the date of the last day of recording month to be the first day of the following month when recording continuously with [Capture MODE: 1Hour or 24 Hour].


  1. Initial version