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4 Channel Data Logger GL980

High-speed 1MS/s Datalogger with Voltage and Temperature Measurements

GL980 is high-voltage isolated 8 channels data logger that supports 500V range, RMS measurement capability, all channel isolated simultaneously at 1MS/s and high-speed sampling. It can be used for machine performance and durability testing.
Inside, 4MW/ch internal RAM and 8GB internal flash memory. Outside, SD memory card and USB memory storage media. It is possible to record high-speed and long-time.
The DP-581H thermal printer can be connected and data can be handed over on the spot. It makes prevent data falsification and prevent data tampering.


Simultaneous Sampling with Isolated Inputs

GL980 is equipped with an isolated input mechanism to protect signals from interferences caused by noise from other channels. 16-bit A/D converter adopted to achieve hi-speed and hi-resolution measurement.

Simultaneous sampling

Simultaneous sampling

GL980 utilizes simultaneous sampling to eliminate slowdown in sampling rate by using multiple A/D converters in simultaneous sampling method.

External sampling

Sampling of the logger is performed in sync with an external device using an external signal input.

Multifunction input

Voltage, temperature, humidity, logic and pulse measurements can all be taken simultaneously in high speed.

Large Easy-to-read 7-inch LCD

Monitor data in multiple methods in addition to digital value display and full waveform display screen.

  • Y-T waveform monitor screen
  • Digital monitor screen
  • Past waveform monitor screen
  • XY graph monitor screen

Quick and Easy Set Up Process

Simple operation with cursor and enter keys, and menu-driven operation with six pre-set menu screens: AMP, DATA, DISP, TRIG, I/F (Interface) and OTHER.

Equipped with three types of options for power source

  • AC adapter
  • DC input
  • Battery pack


  • Storage case (B-581)

Supports Large Built-in RAM (4MS/ch) and Built-in Flash (8 GB)

Built-in Flash memory

  • 4 MW samples/ch built-in RAM
  • 8 GB built-in Flash memory

External Storage

  • SD Card memory
  • USB Flash memory
Supports large built-in RAM (4MS/ch) and built-in Flash

Convenient Data Recording Functions

  • Memory division function
  • Ring / Relay mode
  • Save & replay data in CSV format
  • Data backup and hot swaps
  • Auto save function
  • Search function

Equipped with Ethernet (LAN) and USB Interface to Communicate with PC

Convenient function with LAN (Ethernet interface) capability

  • Web server function
  • FTP server function
  • NTP client function
  • Email sending function

USB Drive Mode to Easily Transfer Files to PC

  • USB drive mode

Two Types Standard Software

the PC software “GL980_2000-APS

  • Multiple measurement screens including Y-T waveform, XY chart
  • Easily Connect to the GL2000/GL980 with Quick Set Up Conditions
  • Convenient features from the GL980_2000-APS software

the high-performance software “GL-Connection

  • Standard accssory software for GL7000 Plus / GL2000 / GL980 / GLT400
  • Recorded data can be managed via LAN / USB connection between the GL series and a PC.

Connection with Thermal Printer DP-581H

  • The printer can be connected via USB or LAN cable
  • Print out data instantly and prevent data tampering