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GL100_240_840-APS– Application software for PC –

Application software for PC “GL100_240_840-APS”

The application software connects GL series to PC. It perform such as setting, recording, and managing the captured data.
The software allows to control up to 10 units of GL series or 1000ch.

Supported Models

GL840 / GL820 / GL240 / GL220 / GL100


Various measurement screen

Display 3 types of the measurement screen.
The direct-Excel function enables captured data to be written directly to an excel file.

Various measurement screen
The direct-Excel function

Connected device search function

It easily can find a device that is connected with the PC and start the operation.

Connected device search function

Scheduling Function

Data capturing schedule can be set visually and intuitively.

Scheduling Function
Scheduling Function

The recording synchronization with multiple devices and Automatic file synthesis function

In addition to each GL840 or GL240 individual file, the group file can be created by setting multiple GL840 or GL240 to the same group in the connection menu.

The recording synchronization with multiple devices and Automatic file synthesis function

Software specifications for PC

Model nameGL100_240_840-APS
Supported OSWindows 11 / 10
Supported deviceGL840 (USB, Ethernet, WLAN), GL240 (USB, WLAN), GL100 (USB, WLAN)
FunctionsControl the GL series, Real-time data capture, Replay data, and Data format conversion
Supported units & channelsUp to 1000 channels total, Up to 4 groups (number of units is limited by model)
Settings controlInput condition, Capturing condition, Trigger/Alarm condition, Report, etc.
Capturing dataSaved to PCSaves captured data in real time (in GBD binary or CSV format)
Saved to GL unitSaves to the SD memory card (in GBD binary or CSV format)
Displayed informationY-T waveform, Digital values, Report, X-Y graph (specified period of data, data
reply only), Two displays for the current and past data, and Statistical calculation
Warning functionSend e-mail to the specified address when the alarms occur
Statistical calculationMaximum, Minimum, and Avarage during data capturing
Report functionCreates the daily or monthly report automatically