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Flatbed Cutting Plotter FCX2000 series

Precise and Versatile High-end Flatbed Cutting Plotter

FCX2000 Series provides the perfect solution for package prototyping and short production runs of rigid materials, eliminating the need for a cutting die. Its rigidity, power, and transmission system have improved to enable more precise cutting.
Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System (ARMS) is installed which will raise the productivity with its variety of functions. Furthermore, the emergency stop button is equipped to ensure safety.

Table size in the Line-up

3 different table size with choice of vacuum suction or electrostatic media-hold down methods depending on application.

FCX2000-60 (VC)

FCX2000-120 (VC / PV / ES)

FCX2000-180 (VC)

Media hold-down method

Vacuum suction

Holds media using external pump (blower).
This method is suitable for heavy or thicker materials.

Electrostatic (*Available in limited region)

Holds media by electrostatic that is generated by electrodes arranged inside the panel.
This method is suitable for cutting light weight materials.

Media type

Type of mediaThicknessSupport
cutting blade
Self-adhesive marking film
(vinyl, fluorescent, reflective)
up to 0.25 mmCB09UBXXXXX
Heavy paper/board
(pattern paper, oil board)
up to 0.5 mmCB15U
Heavy paper/board
(pattern paper, oil board)
up to 1.0 mmCB15U
Compressed foam sheetup to 0.8 mmCB15U-K30XXXX
Sandblast resist rubberup to 1.0 mmCB15U-K30XXXXX
Cardboard (E flute)up to 1.5 mmCB30UC (*1)XXXX
Cardboard (F/G flute)up to 1.2 mmCB30UCXXXX
Rubber sheetup to 1 – 2 mmPM-CB-001 (*1)XXX
Clear sheet for plastic boxesup to 0.5 mmCB15UXXXX
Clear sheet for plastic boxesup to 1.0 mmCB15U-K30XXXX
High-intensity reflective filmup to 0.5 mmCB15UAXXX
High-intensity reflective filmup to 1.0 mmCB15UA-K30XXX
  1. Cutting accuracy is not guaranteed. Be sure to try it before using it.

Provided tools suitable for many applications

The FCX2000 series has 2 tool holder in the carriage.
Using 2 different kind of tool allows to do a different job
without exchanging a tool at the same time. it can increase work efficiency.

Offline operation supported by use of USB flash memory

When cutting data designed with Cutting Master 5 or Graphtec Studio 2 are saved to USB flash memory, it can be output directly to the cutting plotter by plugging in. This simplified work-flow enables users to operate without a computer.

  • The USB flash memory format only supports FAT32.
    Please note that NTFS and exFAT are not supported.

Data management using bar-code function with USB flash memory

In Print & Cut (referred to as “P&C”) operation, the cutting data is automatically selected from USB flash memory by scanning the barcode printed on the media then performs contour cutting. This prevents the usage of incorrect data, and improves work efficiency.

  • The USB flash memory format only supports FAT32.
    Please note that NTFS and exFAT are not supported.

Creasing tool

Added to the current 3 different type of the creasing tool, new creasing tool PM-CT-002 is now available. This new tool reduces peeling and cracking on the printed surface during the creasing/scoring process compared to our existing tools.

Creasing tool

Enhancement of safety

Supports a dedicated stop switch for stopping the machine when emergency case is occurred.
Also, the optional Warning Light will notice you the current operation state.
For requests of installing a Warning Light on your FCX2000, please contact local representative of us.


You can easily create and cut high quality designs with the standard included software.